Monday, March 13, 2006

Zen of sushi

I love sushi.

One of the reasons I love sushi is the Zen-like "now-ness" of the experience.

Sushi is eaten with great deliberateness, taking time to mix your wasabi into the soy sauce so it is perfectly cloudy, alternating between sushi or sashimi types, and eating a soy-dipped sliver of ginger after every few bites of sushi.

Every flavor is savored, every texture is treasured, and every mouthful lingers on the tongue for a few extra moments.

The chopsticks force you to eat slowly and deliberately, unlike the backhoe-esque implements we use to shovel western food into our mouths.

I never cease to be awed at the simplicity and artistry of nagiri.

I think I will try to eat all of my food with some of the mindfulness I experience when I eat sushi.


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