Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sharing the dharma

As new as I am to Buddhist practice, I am so happy with how it's changed my life that I find myself sharing Buddhist ideas with my non-Buddhist friends.

For instance, a lady I work with was coming really unglued today about a frustrating situation with a manager, and I suggested she take a few deep breaths and focus her attention on the "out" breath. I demonstrated, then she did a few breathing exercises, and calmed down.

I'm not a dharma teacher by any means, but nonetheless I find myself sprinking bits of the dharma everywhere I go, because the ideas of selflessness, compassion, non-attachment and impermanence have really pervaded my thinking.

Does this happen to any of you other "novices" (newcomers to the dharma and sangha)?


Gareth said...

I find that the more I study texts, and hae teachings and just sit. My life and my practice are no longer separate

This doesn't mean that I'm a perfect Buddhist by any means - but it does mean that all the teachings feed into the actions I make, and the words I speak. Perhaps one day all of my actions will be a reflection of the dharma.

The only other thing I've learnt is that I must be very careful when giving advice, it can often imply a responsibility in your part for the actions of the person you are advising. Of course in a way we are each responsible for all living beings, but giving advice in this way can often result in harm as well as good.

Best Wishes

hotboy said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! If you meditate every day you will get bliss. Isn't that something. Access to bliss! Hotboy