Saturday, March 25, 2006

My first homemade mala

One of my hobbies is beading and jewelry-making. I find it therapeutic, in a way that I did not really understand until I started studying Buddhism.

Well, last night I received a handful of guru beads that I had ordered off the Internet. Inspired and excited, I constructed my first mala from black waxed linen thread, a carnelian guru bead, 6mm red tigereye beads, orange seed beads as "spacers," a single white potato pearl and a 3/4" plastic "mandala" bead:

I think for the first time, I have invested my artistic energies into a creation of spiritual importance to me. I hope that by creating Buddhist art I can create joy for myself and others.



Sujatin said...

Sounds beautiful - looking forward to the picture.

I haven't done any beading for a few years - buying some beads is on my 'to do' list at the place I haven't got to yet. Wondering whether it's safe to dip my toe into eBay for Thai silver beads... As for when I'll have that spare time, well not so sure.

Gareth said...



"James" said...

I too am excited to see the picture. It sounds lovely. I too seem to be heading into using my art for painting Buddhist themes/figures.

Dharmasattva said...

Well, I just posted the pic. Forgive the poor quality of the photo. I hope you can see some of the detail. I love tigereye quartz - it's almost hypnotic in its beauty.

Renegade Buddha said...

Where can I place my order?

alison koh said...

yayy!!! it's beautful! good for you. happy for you!

Sujatin said...

Oh, it is lovely!

Gareth said...

That's wonderful, thank you for sharing.

I have a sandalwood mala that I bought from a Theravadan monastery, the same place that provided the filling for my Zafu.

Yours is truly beautiful, I hope you go on to make many more.