Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My little mindfulness frog

So this evening I was running around the house (which is still not quite completely unpacked, even though we've been in the house a couple of months now), looking for my purple fleece jacket which I need for a business trip to Denmark in early May. (Hva', because early May in Denmark could still be a wee bit chilly, ja?)

I went out the front door to look in my car, and was surprised to see a familiar little face seeking shelter from the rain:

He was just about where he was the first time I saw him, a few weeks ago, clinging with his (her?) amazing little feet right next to the latch on our wrought iron gate. He must like that little place.

For a few moments, he looked right at me as if to say, "Shhh...enjoy the rain. Denmark and the jacket can wait."

Sort of like a mindfulness bell, one glance at my little mindfulness frog and I snapped out of my hurried haze back to the moment.

What a beautiful frog! What a beautiful spring shower! What a nice cool evening! These things are real, but transient. I should appreciate them while they last.

So, whenever the harried haze comes over me, I will try to think of my little mindfulness frog.



"James" said...


Mindfulness frog!!! I love it!!!!!

It's raining here right now and I always cherish the cool, cleansing, centering, refreshing rain. Ahhhhhh.

Now i'm off to sit. :)

Peace to you friend!!

Dharmasattva said...

I just got back in from walking the dog, and my little frog was out there, in his usual place, right by the latch on the wrought iron gate. It must be the same frog. He's quite a creature of habit. I wonder if he hangs out there to eat the bugs that are attracted to the porch light. Hmm. (He would say, "Yum.")


ToddL said...

Mindfulness is important,if a frog works so be it!check out my main blog at saynotoparents.blogspot.com