Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Older sister

Worthy bodhisattva,
wise older sister,
teach me your ways,
help me learn your strength.

I strive to follow in your path:

traversing the thicket of samsara
to offer help and comfort to my fellow beings;

giving up my coat to protect them
from the howling winds of dukkha;

gladly filling my satchel
to lessen the burden of their pain;

offering 100,000 lifetimes to ferry them
across the stormy waters of samudaya to

(original poem by Dharmasattva)

1 comment:

Sujatin said...

I love the poem - oh, and that picture of the Quan Yin statue is amazing. It's my favourite and always makes my hair (what there is of it) stand on end in awe