Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amazing images of our amazing Earth

I found the most amazing web site that I just must share with you all:

It's called Views of the Earth and it showcases truly gorgeous computer-generated images by a young man from Freiburg, Germany named Christoph Hormann. He has taken two-dimensional satellite images of certain features of our Earth (some well-known, others obscure, but all beautiful) and rendered them into 3D, photo-like perspectives:

Above: The India-Nepal border; Mt. Everest is in the background with the Tibetan Plateau in the upper right

Below: East-central Alaska, featuring Mt. McKinley, Ruth Glacier, Edridge Glacier
and the Chulitna River.

Please visit his site and enjoy his wonderful art which reminds us how beautiful, how enduring and yet ever-changing our planet is.

With metta,


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